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ASSETONE Wealth System is the vehicle to
your financial freedom.

What is the ASSETONE Wealth System?

ASSETONE Wealth System is designed to help investors demanding a 11.11% yield or better.

For investors who are dissatisfied and frustrated with risky investments such as stocks. Investing, by definition is not risky. What I mean is that in investing you make your money going in. In most cases this means buying something of value for terms that immediately create a profit for you. This way investors go into the deal knowing they don’t need the market to bail them out. These are the “no risk” deals.

ASSETONE Wealth System is about following sound investment Guiding Principles and Models, the patience to find the right opportunity, and willingness to take the correct action quickly thereby taking the risk out of the game. A wealth system with sound guiding principles as a shield that aim to produce in excess of 20% cash on cash return on your investments.

And unlike most investments, ASSETONE System allows you to be in the right place all the time so you can cash out whenever you want. Generally, real estate is cyclical. You have to buy in a way that lets you afford the cycles. And you have to know where you are in the cycle.



Who is ASSETONE Wealth System For?

ASSETONE Wealth System is dedicated to the men and women who have a passion for their work and yet dream of someday achieving financial independence, of someday being able to finance their mission in life without having to work.

Successful people who would benefit from a property portfolio and are looking for a way to start. Our clients are typically wondering if there is a solution - time is typically at a premium for our clients and stopping a fulfilling career or profitable business is not an option

It is dedicated to all those who want the biggest life possible, who are actively seeking ways to finance that vision, who want to go as far as possible with as few roadblocks as possible, and who want to say at the end of the day, “I’m glad I did” instead of “I wish I had.”

How can ASSETONE Wealth System make you a successful wealth creator?

Yes, you do need to be an investor – your JOB is your JOB; building your financial wealth is something else.

Yes, you do need and want to be financially wealthy. Instead of forgetting your dreams and living within your dreams, pursue the means to live your dreams. “Remember, you are the number One Asset.”

You can’t predict what you can or can’t until you try. People get trapped by fear that they never take the first step. ASSETONE Wealth System turns that fear into the confidence they need to begin building their financial future.

The best investments require knowledge most people don’t have. Yes, you must invest in what you know. Pick an area and become expert over time. Real estate investing is one of the easiest areas in which to acquire this expert knowledge and understanding.

Your best investments will always be in areas you can or already understand. No, the good investments are not all taken. Opportunities are always there, in every market and in every time. Yes, they will be all taken by someone, but realise that, that someone could be you.