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The three areas of FOCUS for the ASSETONE Wealth System investor:

  • Criteria. Identify potential deals
  • Conditions (Terms). Determine the deals
  • Connections (network). Support all the deals

The path of the ASSETONE Wealth System investor progresses through 4 stages:

  • Think a Million
  • Buy a Million
  • Own a Million
  • Receive a Million
Skills diagram

The 4 stages of growth on the
path to financial wealth

The 4 stages diagram
The Keys to Your Financial Freedom diagram

The Keys to Your Financial Freedom

  • sset – Andy Tiong Property Idea
  • ecrets – 3 Master Secrets In Real Estate Investing
  • ourcing – The 5 Rules
  • merging - 18=14+4 and 4 Phases Of The Market     Cycle
  • ransformation – Adding Value 1. Space 2. Light 3.     Reduce Noise
  • .P.I.U.M.(Other Peoples Inactive Unused Money) -
        Leverage, Re-leverage, Supply of Money And Tax
  • egotiation – Never Split The Difference
  • legant – Effortless Living

A financial track to run on

If you want to be an ASSETONE Wealth System investor, you need a map that will get you there.

You need a proven financial track to run on that accomplishes four things:

  • Establishes your financial base camp
  • Protects your future
  • Funds your future
  • Helps you stay the course

Pull it all together

The Process diagram

Moving forward

I believe that everyone has a chance to be financially wealthy. It begins with a state of mind, a way of looking at the world, and ultimately evolves into a way of life.

Financially wealthy people think differently from the rest and as a result make different choices and enjoy more freedom in their lives.

It’s about having greater choices.

ASSETONE Wealth System is one of the best ways I know to build financial wealth: real estate investing.

Real estate is accessible to all and is one of the most leveraged ways to build wealth.

The biggest obstacles most people face are their own doubts and fears.

Building wealth can seem both daunting and dangerous. But we’ve said, opportunity, especially great opportunity, always lives in the other side of your fears.

Learning how to get past those fears is our next task.